Sometimes a walk on the beach can change your life

In July of 2014, I was simultaneously spiraling and flying at the same time. Looking back, I was irrationally brave. I say brave, but a more realistic description is impulsive. Impulsively stupid even. This impulsivity was driven by the only thing that I knew for certain. I wasn't built for the "system." 

A big change was coming and knowing my limitations didn't make me any less scared or confused. Up until this point I had tried to fit the system. Spent my whole life trying to blend in and failing nearly every time. 

While I was the leading sales rep in my cozy tech job, it was apparent I lacked something that my peers seemed to have. Organization, punctuality, focus. I'd stare at my paint covered hands in meetings and wonder how no one in the room seemed ready to climb out of their chair. I suffered from a perpetual state of boredom. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't repair this about myself. So in July of 2014 I decided to quit trying to conform. All trying seemed to do was lead to the frustration of my employers. They claimed I was hard to manage. Interesting. Finally, it occurred to me maybe I'm not meant to be managed. Maybe I was meant for something different. 

So in July of 2014, I drove to the beach to clear my head. By the time I had my toes in the water I knew what I needed to do. I needed to adjust my sails. I was on the wrong path. That night, I resigned from my cozy coorporate job and decided to dive head first into Treasures by the Sea. That summer I opened my small vintage shop with my sea inspired designs and decor. Excited and nearly clueless, I followed a dream.

To be continued.

Part 2

The idea of a cute boutique filled with my concepts and designs was really appealing. The execution of it, not so much. There was so much I enjoyed about our initial boutique business model, but being trapped inside 4 walls and confined to both a space and a schedule, reminded me all too much of why I left the corporate world in the first place. 

This internal battle was sounding off in my mind while a friend owned business next door, signed a lease for our space right under my nose so that she could expand her own shop. Our friendship ultimately didn't survive this betrayal, but the timing did happen to line up pretty perfectly with my growingly restless spirit. 

We promptly closed our store front while I continued to focus on online marketing and custom refinishing jobs.

By this time I had tried nearly every paint on the market. The lower end chalky paints disappointed me tremendously, the higher end ones weren't worth the hit or miss coverage, and I no longer even had the patience for waiting on paint to dry. 

As if that wasn't frustrating enough. I continued to be a total paint snob.

I had concluded that Chalky paints weren't enough.

Not soft enough.

Not smooth enough

Not easy enough

Not efficient enough

Not versatile enough

Not odorless enough

Not to mention that dark waxing left me feeling every emotional range of frustration possible. 

These disappointments  led me to wonder what if? What if there is a better way?

From that point on, I submersed myself into the idea of a magical paint that didn't quite exist yet. The time I spent into experimenting with and perfecting my theories became borderline obsessive. I've never been so consumed by something in my whole life. My dedication eventually started to pay off as I became closer and closer to paint perfection. The theories that I had been mapping out in my mind, began to come to life in my kitchen. After many failed attempts and several tweaks later, SeaPaint was born. I'll never forget the moment I tested the final recipe for the first time. I could feel my eyes light up as I began to pet the smooth surface. I couldn't stop petting it. My first time was such a beautiful experience, that on that day, I unintentionally quit chalk paint for good. I thought I'd selfishly take this secret with me to the grave, but thanks to a supportive friend, I was dead wrong. 

I'll introduce you to her another day and time. You'll love her, but that is a whole other story.

To be continued.