What is SeaPaint?

    SeaPaint is a Sea Mineral paint line that is water based and non-toxic. It's known for its luxuriously soft finish and fast dry times. 

    What are the Secrets?

    The Secrets are part of the SeaPaint product line. They are a quick-drying, multi-use product that can be used to Glaze, Stain, Distress, Highlight, Colorwash, Beachwash, Antique, or Weather any project. The Secret is that it takes just one product to do all of this! No more wax. No more smelly stains. It just depends on the technique used. Find more resources on this in our Blog or on YouTube.

    Who do I contact if I have an order issue?

    At this time, please send any order inquiries to our Facebook Page, here: 

    Text The Word Help To 321-384-6277

    Where is the Shop located?

     Melbourne, FL. Made and Manufactured in the USA. 

    How long is Order Processing?

    Order Processing is 10-13 business days. (Monday - Thursday)
    Some colors are a pre-order and are mixed on a monthly schedule.  

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping to the USA is Free! 
    Shipping to Canada is $13!

    What are Basic SeaPaint Instructions?

    1. Clean surface 
    2. Shake SeaPaintl well
    3. Paint on with SeaCult brush or other soft bristled brush
    4. Let dry. 13 minutes or less
    5. Apply 2nd coat if desired
    6. Once dry, blend smooth by rubbing the painted surface with our Weathering Sponge.
    7. If finished, seal with SeaGlass, our protective topcoat. 

    Secret Instructions

    • To achieve the Stained look, simply apply your Secret with a damp brush
    • To achieve the Glazed look, your Secret is applied with a slightly damp brush. Excess is removed by blending with a damp cloth.
    • To use the Secrets as a Highlighter, lightly brush the raised surfaces with a bright Secret shade using the Feather Weather method. 
    • The Antique Wax look can be achieved by brushing on a darker colored Secret as your first coat, a lighter Secret as the second coat, and blending it back through after the second coat is applied. You can find this technique by searching the Waxless Wonder. 

    Finishing Instructions

    SeaGlass (TopCoat) - Available in 4 oz and 8 oz bottles. Choose from Matte or Satin. If you're feeling fancy, choose one of our shimmering SeaGlass options. We suggest SeaGlass being used on pieces that will hang outdoors, or will be handled frequently like furniture etc. 
    To Use: Dip damp brush in to SeaGlass and apply to project in long, even strokes going in one direction. For best results, wait at least 13 minutes for SeaGlass to cure. 

    How Do I Play The Auction Games?

    Comment your bid amount. Keep commenting outbidding the previous player until an auctioneer on our team announces that it is closing. The highest bid wins. A direct link will be posted to you upon winning.