Staining and blending with the Secrets

This article deserves a disclaimer. So here is your final warning before you read on.

WARNING!! Once you know the secret to staining, you can't go back to the method you used before. This odorless and nearly instant method is ideal for those that want the classic look of more neutral, traditional stains, but not everything else that comes along with it. Years ago I learned that staining in the traditional sense wasn't for me. My body fully rejected it by promptly rewarding me with a migraine from shell! Upon creating SeaPaint though, I learned that ANY SeaPaint can be used as a stain if you add a little water. This process isn't as simple as the Secrets. The Secrets, in addition to its other dozen uses, is perfectly formulated for staining with spellbinding blending capabilities that are far superior to other color stain products on the market today. 

To begin you will need the following:

The Secret -you can layer and blend these stains unlike traditional stains so feel free to choose more than one shade to create depth and contrast

Damp Cloth, baby wipe, or damp sponge

Waterbased Poly or any sealer of your choice

Weathering Brush- to create additional wood grain or texture if desired


Step 1. Grab your  Secret of choice

Squirt a dime sized amount of your Secret shade onto your damp cloth or baby wipe.

Step 2. Apply the Secrets 

Starting from one side, wipe on stain moving in the direction of the grain. For a darker stain, wait 90 seconds and apply a second coat using the same method. Wait 90 seconds for your last coat to dry. 

Step 3. Wipe on any waterbased sealer with a slightly damp foam or cloth. A Wax based sealer is also a perfectly suitable choice. 

Step 4. Nothing. You're Done. Start to Finish. 5 minutes. BOOOMMM baby! Now that is magic!





  • How did you get the bottom left image stain Its grey w blue and red purplish? TIA

    Teri Roper
  • Hi there I’m wanting to try your product to and have a question. Will they apply to already stained oak cabinets?

  • I love the idea of being able to do a stain and finish this fast.

    Janet Nelson

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