Glazing with SeaGlaze Secrets

Glazing is an old school paint technique that has been around for ages.

So what is glazing? Glazing is a painting technique that requires a thin, transparent layer on a painting which modifies the appearance of the underlining paint color. While glazing is an extremely old school painting technique, SeaGlaze however is like no other product on the market today. It's versatility simply can't be beat, but what kind of glaze would SeaGlaze be if it wasn't a glaze at all? Thankfully it is a glaze and so much more. 

Today we are going to concentrate on glazing. It's a simple process that yields various results depending on color combinations and technique. 

SeaGlaze gives you the look you crave, without the wait. Unlike traditional glazes, SeaGlaze dries rapidly while still remaining workable even when dry. SeaPaint is reactivated by water. This beautiful little magic trick enables possibilities that you never thought possible. 

Choose from our 13 shades or mix our shades to create your own. 

To begin you will need the following:

SeaGlaze Secret shade- for glazing

SeaSpell SeaPaint  - for base coat

PolySeal- to seal SeaPaint prior to glazing (optional) and for final coat

Mermaid Brush- to brush on base coat 

Weathering Brush- to apply SeaGlaze

Damp sponge- to wipe excess glaze away


Step 1. Shake SeaPaint prior to use. Light dip your mermaid brush into your shade of choice. Next, brush on SeaPaint or SeaGlaze. Brush on in one direction and follow your strokes all the way through for best coverage. 

Step 2. Brush or wipe on a thin coat of PolySeal. Let dry for 5 minutes.

(optional but suggested)

Step 3. Lightly dip your weathering brush into your SeaGlaze Secret shade of choice. Lightly sweep the brush over the painted or stained surface. Let it sit for a minute so that it is partially dry. The longer you let dry the deeper color you will achieve. 

Step 4. Moving in one direction, use your damp sponge to lightly wipe away excess and blend the SeaGlaze into all the nooks and crannies. If you missed a spot, your weathering brush is a good tool for reaching those hard places. 

Step 5. Let dry for 10 minutes. Brush on or wipe on PolySeal to protect your finish.

With 31 shades of SeaSpell SeaPaint and 13 shades of SeaGlaze Secret, that's over 400 possibilities.  





  • Hello,I have been introduced by my friend to your beautiful paint colors.
    I would like to get a catalog.
    Can you please let me know if you have this option available.

    Yelena Thayer
  • Very informative. …I wouldn’t have known to use polyseal between paint and glaze step…..thanks so much for your blog.

    Janet Nelson

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