An Introduction to The Feather Weather

The SeaCult life is much like mermaid life.
Sure, it's less than conventional, but a sea siren is supposed to be special and different.
 I'd say we're already starting off on the right fin. 
If you ever spent time with a mermaid, you would learn that a mermaid is never far from her gadgets and gizmos, even if the rest of the world perceives them as odd.
 Here's the tools you will need.
Let's gather everything you need. Click the image above to purchase your kit.
1) A SeaPaint or SeaPaint Secret shade- for your base coat color
(apply with the SeaCult brush)
2) A Secret shade- feather weathered (apply with the Weathering Brush)
3) Weathering Sponge- to soften and blend the Secrets for a natural look.
4) Water- to rinse brushes 
5) SeaGlass TopCoat (optional)- to protect your painted finish
Now that we have everything we need, let's dive in. 
The feather weather can be used to achieve various looks depending on color choices, application pressure, blending pressure, and chosen SeaPaint shades.    
While the outcome can be very diverse and appears complex, the application process is easy.
Step 1) Use SeaCult Brush to brush on your SeaPaint. Brush paint on in one direction using long smooth strokes. Start at the edge of your piece and follow brush stroke all the way to end of the piece for the best results.
See Video Below
See Above Video
Step 2) Apply a tiny bit of your Secret shade. Use the bare minimal amount.No seriously. A few drops really will do. Any more than that and you'll have more regrets than any one night stand. 
Step 3) Dab as much excess off onto a plate as possible before sweeping the Weathering Brush (at an angle) and very lightly over the painted surface. 
(Like in the video)
The technique name stems from the amount of pressure required when performing this method. Light as a feather and it weathers.
If you use bare minimal product and a feathery sweep across any surface with your weathering brush, you can enjoy a weathered finish in 130 seconds or less, including DRYING TIME. Tell me that isn't whoa!
It's incredible. If you need a game changer, an edge on the competition, or you're just a lazy bum like me that hates to do things the hard way, welcome to the SeaCult! We're glad you're here!