Just The Tip  -An Introduction to SeaPaint-  Scroll Below For Video

Just The Tip -An Introduction to SeaPaint- Scroll Below For Video


So what is SeaPaint anyway? 
SeaPaint is a Sea Mineral paint line created by JessSea that makes creating rustic & coastal looks, an absolute crafty dream.

It's largely known for its coastal color palette, incredible coverage, impressive dry times, its versatility, and its supportive community. 


Did I mention the coverage?
Look how it compares.
32 ounces of Chalk Paint = 150 SQ FT
32 ounces of SeaPaint = 368 SQ FT
As great as SeaPaints are, our true claim to fame is our Secret Formula.
This gem of a product replaces smelly paints, stains, and glazes. 
This formula is incredibly versatile and easy to spot because each shade has  the word SECRET in the name.
It's mostly known for its 60 second dry times and its extreme versatility
No fumes. No wait. It's great.
When your beginner kit arrives, promise me you'll try this technique below.
It's my absolute favorite. 
One last thing.
To finish off your projects, you'll need our topcoat, SeaGlass.
Forget waxing to seal.
It takes too long for starters.
THIS is the easy way. 
Simply brush on our sealer instead. 
Lasts longer than wax sealers too. Winning. 
It's included in the beginner kit
 Unlike traditional sealers, this one is low odor and dries in 5 minutes.
Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your time.
text us the word help to 321-384-6277 

   To learn more, text us the word help to 321-384-6277 

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hi there
I am new to this and would love to try it, but would be interested in a sample before I commit.
can you do that?

Nancy McNair

I want to paint the cabinets ets in my 20 year old camper. Can this be used on camper cabinets if I sand if their finishes or at least rough it up a bit?


Is there a written tutorial? I am a reader and can follow written directions better than video as I tend to get distracted with video 😂

Deanna Davis

I want to get started and I own my own furniture restoration business. How do I know where to start and how the coverage is and how much I need and so on?

Nicole Ashworth

Does it dry Matt or shiny? Is it wash up with soap and water kinda thing? Thx😀

Lori House

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