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SeaPaint. Secrets. Oh what a sea of confusion, an enigma if you will. Hi. I'm JessSea and SeaPaint was initially created for my own personal use. It never occurred to me that others would fall in love with it too , but they certainly have and it's changed my whole life. I hope to change yours too. 

I know you're confused and rightfully so. It's a new system after all. A new and faster way to DIY. These dry times will blow your mind. It's the crafty invention that you wish existed, except now it does. 

Each invention is an introduction of innovation and with innovation comes questions. Lots of questions. There is indeed a method to this madness. Follow me. No time to waste. There are things to paint, spaces to transform, and rooms to decorate.

 This article is just the tip, but it will help you to dive right in.

Speaking of, if you're looking for the perfect beginner kit to experiment, this is it.

Give it a click, not a lick. It's just the tip.

It comes with everything you need to get your fins wet. You'll flip your fins for this, I promise.


To begin, let's go over each product. There's just a few different ones, but they come in dozens of shades for endless possibilities. 

1) The SeaPaints- Decorative DIY Paint (5 Minutes)*

This decorative paint allows you to transform your outdated decor in to stylish coastal or farmhouse decor with ease. With 31 inspiring stock shades, it's easy to get creative.

Color Chart

In addition to our 31 stock shades, you can find an additional 13 shades available each Sunday. If this doesn't satisfy your shady cravings, you can catch our Limited Edition shades each week by joining below. With the 31% discount offered each month, it pays for itself and then some. 


The Secrets- Paint + Stain + Glaze + Weather - ALL-in-One (1 Minute)*

The Secrets are our true claim to fame. With drying times a mind blowing 90 seconds, you'll wish you dove in sooner. 

This unique formula is a stain, paint, glaze and so much more.

Shown as a stain below.

You can also use it as a weathering product to make anything look authentically vintage. 

Another fun weathering technique is glazing, which is easier than ever with The Secrets. Dries in seconds and forgives your mistakes. It's the best friend of paints. 

My favorite thing about The Secrets is how easily they "weather away" to reveal a worn and loved finish in minutes, that's extremely soft to the touch. It's crafting but luxurious. It's too fast. Too curious. You sang that? No? Ok, then I'm officially fired but with The Secret fool proof formula, you'll be creating designs you love in time. 

Quite literally. 

Just brush it on and rub it out, you'll be crafty af. No diggity. No doubt. 

To finish off your projects, you'll need this final thing. Our topcoat. You won't need to get lucky though, it comes in the beginner kit. You know what they say. Less guess, less mess, more Jess. Ok, no one actually says that but you still need it. 

3.) The SeaGlass- Protective TopCoat (5 Minutes)*

When your design is complete, simply brush on our protective topcoat to enjoy it for years to come. Unlike traditional sealers, this one is low odor and dries in minutes. Don't forget to check out the ones that shimmer! Bling bling bishes. 

If you want to skip your prep work, we have just thing for that too. Wipeput. It does the job so you don't have to. 

4.) WipeOut- Primer (Optional)

For increased durability, use our primer Wipeout on your projects as your first coat. 

Unlike traditional primers, this one will allow you to achieve the weathered and worn finishes you've grown to love. From farmhouse to coastal, you'll be stoked at the possibilities. Now, get to crafting!

*Dry Times

 To learn more, install the app or click the pic below.

For a quick reference guide, here's some of my mermaid mumblings below. 


Now that you know terms, get ready to dive into SeaPaint techniques next!



  • hi there
    I am new to this and would love to try it, but would be interested in a sample before I commit.
    can you do that?

    Nancy McNair
  • I want to paint the cabinets ets in my 20 year old camper. Can this be used on camper cabinets if I sand if their finishes or at least rough it up a bit?

  • Is there a written tutorial? I am a reader and can follow written directions better than video as I tend to get distracted with video 😂

    Deanna Davis
  • I want to get started and I own my own furniture restoration business. How do I know where to start and how the coverage is and how much I need and so on?

    Nicole Ashworth
  • Does it dry Matt or shiny? Is it wash up with soap and water kinda thing? Thx😀

    Lori House

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