Start Here-An Introduction to SeaPaint

SeaPaint. SeaPaint. Oh what a sea of confusion, an enigma if you will. SeaPaint was initially created for my own personal use. I suppose it is because of this, that sitting and typing this all out is almost dreamlike.

I know you're confused and rightfully so. Its a new system after all. A new and better way to DIY.

The set back for me is that, when you’re mad, you don’t know you’re mad. So to me, all of this sounds completely crazy free, but apparently my mermaid language doesn’t translate as easily as I’d hoped. So let me attempt to teach you my crazy.

Each invention is an introduction of innovation and with innovation comes questions. Lots of questions. There is indeed a method to this madness. Follow me, into the mind of Jess Sea to understand the uses of SeaPaint, SeaTools, and more. 

No time to waste. There are things to paint, spaces to transform and rooms to decorate.

Treasures by the Sea sells SeaPaint and more by the seashore.

Say that three times fast.

The Secrets- Paint + Stain + Glaze + Weather - ALL-in-One


Other Uses- Stain-Wash-Antique Finshing-Glaze


Perfect for techniques like the Feather Weather and the Waxless Wonder.


FINISHING PRODUCTS- Top Coats For Protection


SEATOOLS- Jess Sea's hand selected SeaPaint friendly tools  -

Mermaid Brushes-Used to achieve the smoothest finish. Comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. -

Weathering Brush- Used to achieve various weathered looks including driftwood, chippy, faux grain, and so much more -

Brush Cleaner- Used to gently clean brushes between shades using only water -

Blending Paper- A flexible, washable, 220 grade sand paper that pairs the best with SeaPaints.  -

Now that you know terms, get ready to dive into SeaPaint techniques next!



  • hi there
    I am new to this and would love to try it, but would be interested in a sample before I commit.
    can you do that?

    Nancy McNair
  • I want to paint the cabinets ets in my 20 year old camper. Can this be used on camper cabinets if I sand if their finishes or at least rough it up a bit?

  • Is there a written tutorial? I am a reader and can follow written directions better than video as I tend to get distracted with video 😂

    Deanna Davis
  • I want to get started and I own my own furniture restoration business. How do I know where to start and how the coverage is and how much I need and so on?

    Nicole Ashworth
  • Does it dry Matt or shiny? Is it wash up with soap and water kinda thing? Thx😀

    Lori House

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