Layering The Secrets - The Waxless Wonder

Layering The Secrets - The Waxless Wonder

 Want to know the easiest and the FASTEST way to weather wood?  
With SeaPaint Secrets. Just layer them and give them a rub with our weathering sponge.
With drying times being a mind blowing 90 seconds, you can weather anything wood in no time. Actually can paint, stain, weather, glaze, or even “antique” wood in minutes with the same product. It's magic in a bottle basically. It’s truly my miracle product, but out of all the magical capabilities of the SeaPaint Secrets, this is my favorite. 
Layering the Secrets is a whole new beautiful crafty world. It yields many results, but because of its unique formula these variety of looks can be achieved in record time. The application process is simple, yet diverse. This diversity feels like magic dripping from your finger tips. It’s a creative freedom like you haven’t yet experienced. 
The best part, is that even beginners can achieve professional faux finishes with zero painting experience. Now that is magic. Just look how simple the process is.
Step 1. Brush on First Coat. Let dry. ( 2 minutes)
Step 2. Brush on Second Coat of a DIFFERENT (lighter) shade of Secret.
Step 3. Once dry (2 minutes) rub painted surface lightly with weathering sponge.
It even creates a weathered finish on already sealed surfaces like the table below. 
These magical Secrets (previously named SeaGlaze) come in 13 shades, but they are so much more than a glaze. They are the DIY secret. 
To get our seasonal shades, text the word shade to 321-384-6277
You can use them alone or layer them all. Their jaw dropping 90 second dry times enables layers upon layers to be created in time frames you never even thought possible. 
My ultimate favorite layering technique is what I call the Waxless Wonder. 
The Waxless Wonder achieved all of these looks below.
This method enables you to achieve the well worn look of dark wax or weathered wood, without using a drop of wax to do so, let alone attempting the mastery of dark waxing. 
I put together more detailed instructions below or you see it in action our youtube channel. Get the APP for easy access to more DIY videos.
Step 1. Shake your Secret
Step 2. Lightly dip your mermaid brush into the Secret color of your choice
Step 3.Once dry, brush on your second shade of Secret right over the first shade using long smooth strokes. Let dry.
Step 4. Using your weathering sponge, gently wipe across in long motions, blending the two shades together. For dustless distressing, use a damp cloth or a baby wipe. Let dry.
Step 5. Brush on your clear SeaGlass Topcoat of choice. Let dry for 5 minutes. 
Step 6. None, you're done!
After enjoying the ease of this method, you may never dark wax again. I kissed dark wax good bye years ago. Hello lazy way of life, you are beautiful after all. 

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After seeing this link. And reading all about Seapaints and glazes, I would love to try it, I am just a beginner, but thinking of getting a paint line and glazes for retail, if you could send me a list and what is involved in selling this product for retail..
Thank you anxious to try it..let me know how much a sample kit would be..
Thank you for your time
Brenda Bastian

Brenda Bastian

Glad I just discovered these tips. Excited about getting started during class this Saturday night. :-)


The finished product is so beautiful! I can’t wait to get started ♡

Jess Lehtonen

I luv this group of beaches!


A magical, quick & easy way to a beautiful distressed look!!! No wonder it’s called wax less wonder!!! Achieving so many different looks!!! Another great product from Jess & Jose & Treasures By The Sea!!! You never cease to amaze me with your tecniques , your products , the ease & fun you can achieve with this quick drying, unique product!!! #IfYouAintPaintingYouAintLiving <3

Tammey Zelfer

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