The Mixed Up Mermaid

    The story of the other mermaid....


    The Mixed Up Mermaid

    Once upon a time there was a little mermaid that was removed from the sea and forced to grow legs. On earth she noticed a sense of restlessness that she didn’t experience when she stayed close to the water. 

     Deeply saddened by her relocation from comforting, familiar waters to foreign land, she began to create and surround herself with everything that reminded her so very much of the place she will always call home. The Sea. Wanting to share her magical home with the world , she began sharing her created treasures with her new two legged friends whom she had grown to love. She eventually grew fond of their land as well and even somehow married a human, but still longs for home. Today, you can find her sharing her Secrets or painting her treasures by the sea. 

    That other mermaid is me and these creations and hand picked treasures are a part of my story. 
    The ocean will always be my home and her peaceful sandy shore will always be my happy place.
    Written by- Jess Sea
    Treasures by the Sea is a collection of my "sea inspired" paints, designs, decor, jewelry, and apparel.

    This is the short version. The real story is much longer. Filled with heartbreak, betrayal, and lastly...triumph. 

    I guess I'll start from the beginning...if I knew where that was. I was dropped as an infant, perhaps the most fitting factor in all of this.

    Wait... too far and perhaps not the way to win an audience or build credibility.

    Let's fast forward shall we? I'll start with something at least relevant.

    As a young girl, imagination took center stage for me. Innovation and color were part of me long before I even knew who me was. There are plenty of examples, but the most vivid one was the time my mother told me not to color on the walls. Don't COLOR??? Of course, this wasn't something I could possibly understand. but in my younger days I was much more eager to please. Being a creative soul, I climbed on the top bunk and proceeded to color the ceiling instead. The bunk was adorned by my bedding and stunning decor- stuffed animals. To me, this added the perfect touch. Thankfully my taste has evolved slightly. 

    Fast forward, In 2014 I turned 30 and irresponsibly quit my promising career in technology and opened Treasures by the Sea. It wasn't long before an abundance of custom work enabled me to work from home. So I closed our doors and did just that. 

    I continued on with custom work until I took a break to grow a small craft empire with a couple crafty friends. Little did I know, that the empire I would really be building, would be my own. In 2015 I never intended to sell my secrets and even our first launch was less than impressive when I finally did. Side note- we've adjusted the formula two times since then with outstanding results. The final adjustment was in 2017, right after I was in an accident. I am unable to explain what happened to me that day, but I woke up with a determination not to let a single fraction of my dream die. I woke up more alive than I felt in years. That's when the magic really began. When I realized the world didn't need another chalk paint. It needed something much, much more. In April of 2017, I finally introduced you to my ultimate Secret. BeachWash Secret. I have so much more to show you and I can't wait.

    Are you ready?

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    Inspirational, because you never gave up. Kudos to your perseverance!!

    Carol Hilton

    How do I get started?


    Your story is inspiring! Bless you! I’m so excited I found you and your sea cult :)


    Hello Jess,

    Can we use your paint to paint kitchen cabinets? If yes, can you please send me the links?

    Thank you


    HI. I live in Melbourne and would like to get some paints. Can I come to the office? The face book page does not work – says expired.


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