The DIY Secret- magical mermaid paint?

If you're a crafter of sorts, any form of SeaPaint is a game changer, but when you add the Secrets to the mix, your creative freedom is bigger than the ocean. 

If your craft space is crammed with smelly stains, glazes, primers, antiquing wax, chalk paint, and many others, you are just like me. Well, the old me. The one that used to work a lot harder. The one that spent two days working on a dresser instead of two hours. Thankfully she's dead now. She was making me beyond tired. Now, I can do a lot more in a lot less time. If you want to find the new you too, follow me. I know the secrets!

When you know the Secret, you can achieve all of those finishes with just one product.

A product that happens to dry in 90 seconds. 

The Secrets come in 13 shades and plays many roles.

Here, you can see the Secrets being used a stain.

To achieve this look as your base, you simply apply them with a damp cloth.

Done. Dried in 90 seconds. It's the easy and odorless way to stain. 

Below you can see the same products being used a glaze. Which essentially is applied with a slightly damp cloth and excess is removed by blending with a damp cloth. This simple method produced beautiful results that dries in seconds, not hours. 

One of my favorite uses is to use the Secrets as a highlighter by lightly brushing the raised surfaces with a bright Secret shade. This simple touch provides an elegant look with minimal effort. Winning. 

You can also use the Secrets to create several vintage looks. The Feather Weather method is your best friend if you are looking to duplicate these looks. 

If you are like me and love the look of dark wax, but hate everything else about it from the application process, to workability, and all the way down to the smell, then this is where you scream for joy. Those looks can be achieved by brushing on a darker colored Secret as your first coat and blending it back through after the second coat is applied. There are several ways to do this, so we will have to come back to this at a later time or copy and paste this link.

I saved the best for last. My absolute favorite way to use the Secrets is as a paint. Not only do the drying times make it unbearably tempting for this impatient soul, but these little magical bottles contain a fluid so forgiving and so easy to manipulate, that you will feel like you're taking advantage. 

As if all of this wasn't enough to love the absolute shell out of this product, 

the ultra soft finish will have you falling harder than you've ever fallen before. 

Are you ready? If you don't currently pet your painted finishes, you will!

The Secrets of SeaPaint are waiting for you to make magic with your very own hands. 

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  • The photo of the dark green and dark blue piece of wood under the label glaze… The photo furthest to the right . Tell me exactly what I need to make that. I love that look over and over again.
  • is there an actual good tutorial because after reading through this site, I am more confused than when I started

  • I am so confused! Not sure what I need to buy! I want to paint an old window, but not sure what all I need. I have used chalk paint in the past and am familiar with the wax, do I need something similar to that? What is the best way for a beginner to get started? Is there some type of sampler package deal? Are there any videos for newbies? Excited but nervous!

    Harriet Macik
  • I love the secrets they so easy to use and I painted a dresser with the secrets was fast and easy and it looked brand new. My family was impressed with the things I am painting. This is by far the mist forgiving paint I have ever used you make a mistake you use baby wipe to clean your oops

    Ellen Burke Meyer
  • I love the look of the sea paint, feathered, easy to use and dries so fast!

    Charlotte Kincaid

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