The Treasures by the Sea Bar

    The Treasures by the Sea Bar

    Years ago, when I first opened Treasures by the Sea I painted this counter with chalk paint as SeaPaint, was not created yet.
    It would only be a few short months later though, that SeaPaint would come along but this custom bar would disapear.
    I had lent it to a customer in 2015 for a graduation party I believe. 
    Years pass and hundreds of upcycles and furniture flips later, I receive a message.
    By now, SeaPaint has not only been born, but a million jars have shipped and sold.
    The message reads: I still have your old bar. Do you want to come get it?
    My eyes narrow for a moment as I try to recall what she means.
    Then it hits me. Ahh yes. The bar!! 
    Of course, I didn't refuse. I told her I would be there soon.
    The timing couldn't have been better as we finally secured a location for Treasures by the Sea, right across from the beach. 
    I had sold our last checkout counter to the new tenants that were taking over our old location in Downtown Melbourne Florida, which left us without one.
    The timing may have been impeccable, but the finish however, was certainly lacking something so I decided to redo it.
    Here's what I came up with.

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