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EBOOK 🐚 The SeaCult written by Jess Sea (Book 2)

EBOOK 🐚 The SeaCult written by Jess Sea (Book 2)

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Comes with a 2oz surprise SeaPaint & The SeaCult Brush

This is the sequel to Past The Break  

The SeaCult - a crafty novel

Crafting isn’t always easy, but sometimes - it makes quite the story. 


The SeaCult written by JessSea

It was the spring of 2014 when I reached the dirty thirty and irresponsibly quit my day job in hopes of pursing my dream. What was my dream exactly? Mostly to not  have to put on real pants ever again but the idea of creating for a living sounded like my very own slice of paradise. 

The dream shape shifted over the next few years. I found myself longing for some thing more. More than money, more than crafting, I wanted a community. A sense of belonging. I searched high and low and never felt quite at home. 

I put my dream on hold and built a few crafty groups for a couple friends. Little did I know, the empire I was really building, was my own. 

It wasn't until 2017, that I closed my eyes and woke up as JessSea. 

A few months later, my life was forever changed.






Suddenly, the van races towards my face - or perhaps I am even racing towards it. Either way, in this moment it makes no difference. The fear, the pain, the trembling shakes. They all remain. None of it fades. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell the difference between them when they all seem the same.

Everything goes still. Silence is all I hear,though it’s clear to me that sounds are happening around me. The world keeps moving, but my world stops. Silence engulfs me as my vehicle plows into the van in front of me. From a confusing distance, I watch as it happens.

For a moment in time, it is as if I am floating, watching my body from above. Certainly, my body is hurting, but I feel none of it in this moment. Even my pain is momentarily silent. There is nothing. I am nothing. I am already dead.

The smell of smoke suddenly fills my nose. Confusion sets in. How can I smell if I’m a ghost? My chest tightens. My lungs refuse to breathe. Smoke surrounds me.

What is happening? I open my mouth to scream, but no sound comes out of me. Did Ursula take your voice bitch? Scream, you idiot! Anything! Any sounds would do, but no sound comes out of me as my lips continue to move.

The silence is nearly deafening. It echoes in my ears and bounces around the darkest parts of my mind, filling my existence. My lungs are filled with smokey air. My eyes are looking straight forward, in a hauntingly dead stare. It’s in this moment that I notice that even silence has a sound. To my surprise, it’s eerily loud.

Seconds later, the blackness engulfs me as my breathing slows. My will to live is nonexistent. Closing my eyes, I lean into the silence and let it carry me a questionable distance. It would be so nice, just to give in to it completely. To surrender this shell of a body and to not feel anything. I am nothing. I am nobody. Breathing in what I hope is my last breath, the smoke engulfs me. In this moment, I am happy. I am free.

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