What are the SeaPaint Secrets?

       SeaPaint Secrets is not a technique, but rather an all in one solution that allows the artist to paint, stain, glaze, distress, and antique with ease.

      The innovative formula dries in 90 seconds so that you can spend more time painting and less time watching paint dry.

      Say goodbye to dark waxing and smelly stains. You won't even miss them. We promise.



      Secret Instructions
      To achieve the Stained look, simply apply your Secret with a damp brush or mix the Secret shade.
      To achieve the Glazed look, your Secret is applied with a slightly damp brush over a painted or sealed surface.
      Excess is removed by blending with a damp cloth.
      To use the Secrets as a Highlighter, lightly brush the raised surfaces with a bright Secret shade using the Feather Weather method. The key to this is to use only a few drops of product. It goes a long way. Less is more.
      The Antique Wax look can be achieved by brushing on a darker colored Secret as your first coat, a lighter Secret as the second coat, and blending it back through after the second coat is applied with a weathering sponge. You can find this technique by searching the Waxless Wonder.