Jess Sea

      Hi. My name is Jess Sea and I created SeaPaints in 2014.
      After some persuasion, a few of my crafty friends convinced me that I should share my magical creation with the world.
      At first, I wasn't interested in selling a single jar of paint. I just wanted to create and make some crafty friends while doing it.
      I was looking for community, not customers. 
      By 2016 however, I had tried nearly every paint product on the market and I realized, I'm doing my community a disservice.
      There's just nothing quite like SeaPaint.
      SeaPaint had given me not only the gift of time, but it brought back the joy that only painting and moments by the sea can give me.
      Every time I opened a jar, it felt like a mini-vacation. An escape. A small slice of creative paradise. 
      In 2016, I finally listed SeaPaints on my website.
      As of today, we've sold well over a million jars.
      Want to see what you can do with them?