Just The Tip  -An Introduction to SeaPaint-  Scroll Below For Video

    Just The Tip -An Introduction to SeaPaint- Scroll Below For Video


    So what is SeaPaint anyway? 
    SeaPaint is a Sea Mineral paint line created by JessSea that makes creating rustic & coastal looks, an absolute crafty dream.

    It's largely known for its coastal color palette, incredible coverage, impressive dry times, its versatility, and its supportive community. 


    Did I mention the coverage?
    Look how it compares.
    32 ounces of Chalk Paint = 150 SQ FT
    32 ounces of SeaPaint = 368 SQ FT
    One last thing.
    To finish off your projects, you'll need our topcoat, SeaGlass.
    Forget waxing to seal.
    It takes too long for starters.
    THIS is the easy way. 
    Simply brush on our sealer instead. 
    Lasts longer than wax sealers too. Winning. 
    It's included in the beginner kit
     Unlike traditional sealers, this one is low odor and dries in 5 minutes.
    Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your time.
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    Does it dry Matt or shiny? Is it wash up with soap and water kinda thing? Thx😀

    Lori House

    Can you use SeaPaint for silk screening as oppose to Speedball ink?


    I have my own business in interior and custom furniture design. How can I become a rep? Do you do sponsorships on web pages or blogs

    Lori Snavely

    Do you sell wholesale?
    Or how do you become a rep?
    Thank you,
    Ann Kelly

    Ann Kelly

    Do all the paints work on glass or is there a specific paint that should be used?

    When painting on glass, is there any specific glass prep that should be done prior to applying the paint.

    BTW- love all the colors available!


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