Over the next couple of months, the sales begin to add up. Before I know it, I’m making more than I was at the theme park.

    How lucky. Just in time to pay for this wedding. It’s almost funny because I had begged Jose to just elope. 

    The day of the wedding arrives quickly, and I’m running late as usual. For some reason, I had insisted on driving myself. Turning on my blinker, I dart into the right lane. As I make the turn into the beach parking lot, I remember that I forgot my jewelry.

    Damn it. I knew I was forgetting something. 

    What else am I forgetting?

    Jose says I always feel like I’m forgetting something but that’s because I usually am forgetting something. Deciding that it doesn’t really matter, I grab my makeup bag and bolt to the backdoor. As I walk through it, Jose’s cousin greets me with whiskey. 

    “I heard you’d want one of these.”

    “Yes, please,” I say taking it from him gratefully. It would be my first drink of many for the evening. 

    The rest of the evening is mostly a blur, but from what I remember it was a beautiful event. Except for the latter part of the evening. I remember that part pretty clearly. I spend it vomiting in my wedding dress. 

    I certainly have a gift for romance.  

    Thankfully, Jose doesn’t hold it against me.


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