We have a secret chat of our own, behind the scenes. Our conversations often keep us entertained until the wee hours of the morning. In one of these nightly conversations, my funny friend begins to complain about her job. It’s the American way, I think. Wake up, clock in. Do what you hate. Go home and do chores you hate too until you eventually hate yourself. 

    Ok, maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but it’s not too, too far off when you really stop to think about it. I can’t help but pity my funny friend’s position. I realize I don’t miss being in it. 

     Molly messages me separately. “What if we bring her on board with us and she can quit her job?”

    I don’t even hesitate.

    “Aww. That would be awesome. I think the group is big enough now.”

    “Totally,” Molly agrees.

    “What about Katie?” I ask hesitantly. I know she was less than thrilled with bringing me on board; I can’t imagine she’d be thrilled about this.

    “I’ll handle her,” Molly assures me. 

    Molly bounces back over to our group chat. 

    “What if you work with us?” She asks my funny friend.

    She replies almost instantly.

     “I’d love that!” My funny friend insists. 

    “We can show you the ropes,” I offer. “Get you set up with a website. The cost is considerably low, but it does take work. But we all can help.” I assure her.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just tell me what I need to do.” She says excitedly. 

    Admittedly, I’m excited too. 

    What can be better than working with your closest friends?

    Just like that, our threesome becomes a foursome. Me, Molly, Katie, and my funny friend, are all open for business. Taking my funny friend under our wing, she trusts us enough to quit her day job just a few short weeks later.  


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