SeaPaint - My Paint Therapy Project - Part 1

    SeaPaint - My Paint Therapy Project - Part 1


    If you were to have told me two years ago that we would have 31 shades of SeaPaint, I wouldn't have believed you.  SeaPaint was created for me, and as a painter I mixed my own shades.  The likelihood of having 31 shades simply for my personal use just wouldn't be necessary.


    Initially there were only five shades of SeaPaint:

    Sea Salt


    Ocean Sky

    Florida Keys

    Mermaid Mist

    These five shades were chosen not because of trends or fashion, but for the role they played on my psyche.  Color psychology was first acknowledged in the 1950s, but it was a pattern of well being that I experienced that caused me to form my own theories before I even realized that color psychology was a thing.  Once my friend Google revealed that it in fact existed, I began to experiment with color therapy in my own home.  

    Our psyche is deeply connected with our physical body.  Stress is far more than just mental; it is physical as well.  Even our ailments and our moods are impacted by the colors of our surroundings whether we have noticed it or not.  While the interpretation of color is subjective based on culture and other factors,  each color has its own common associations. 

    It was this section of science that influenced my chosen decor.  It was only natural that when SeaPaint was created, that the same logic was applied when developing the first five shades of SeaPaint. 

    While each color choice was based on color psychology, each shade was affectionately named after my own personal salty paradise, the sea.  The combination of these shades and their influence on my moods is the foundation of SeaPaint.

    SeaPaint itself was created after many disappointments in chalky style paints.  There were missing elements of chalk paint that prevented me from efficiently and aesthetically completing my projects.  After try a dozen brands of chalk paints, I was beyond frustrated with the limitations of chalky type paints.  This frustration was the main motivation for the creation of SeaPaint, but combining color therapy in conjunction with this highly improved formula took my love of SeaPaint to a whole new level.

    SeaPaint covers 4 times the amount of surface and dries 5 times as fast. 

    As far as the color therapy aspect goes, the easiest way to understand it is to show you each shade with color psychology applied.

    The very first shade of SeaPaint ever created was Sea Salt.

    A sea inspired paint line wouldn't have had the same fresh and cleansing feel without a crisp white. Using white in your home can provide an increased sense of cleanliness and sophistication. It's easy to see why this would be important to a scattered mind like my own. Even the false sense of cleanliness and organization motivated me to keep my environment clutter free. 

    In color psychology, white is said to influence calmness, comfort, and hope. Those that are partial to the color white are often seekers of excellence and grand optimism. Realizing that I needed healthy doses of all of that, Sea Salt was born.


    To stay in line with the sea theme, a gray was surely needed. Driftwood comes in many shades, but the perfectly weathered gray ones continue to be my favorite. Driftwood is still one of my favorite decorative accents to this day. This classic decor can be found all along the shore and is a worthy inspiration indeed.  Each piece of driftwood is uniquely worn and shaped by the sea, much like SeaPaint.  With its simple rustic elegance, our Driftwood is the deep classic gray shade that you'll crave.  We are certain that you will come back to this SeaPaint staple time and time again.  Dress it up or dress it down, it's still a classic.  

    Gray does not energize or invigorate, but it does create an increased sense of sophistication and calm.  According to color psychology, people that tend to like the color gray prefer to control their emotions and protect themselves from the outside world. Do you see where this is going?

    SeaPaint was a self written prescription to balance my mental health. 

    The soft blue skies that align the sea blue shore, have always been a peaceful and calming sight to me. Sitting along the shore and getting lost in clear blue skies, is when my mind felt the most at ease. It only made sense to include this calming shade in my coastal decor. 

    It didn't surprise me to learn that, in color psychology, the color light blue is linked to both clarity and creativity. A remarkable testament to this is how effortless writing comes to me along the shore. 

    in color therapy, it is said that those that are drawn to the color blue are looking for a sense of calm. Maybe this explains why there isn't a room in my home without this shade of blue. 

    Being a Florida girl, my collection wouldn’t be the same without a pale key west green. not only is it one of my favorite places to visit, but it’s also known for its beachy, colorful charm and laid back vibes. In the Florida Keys, you’ll see homes in this cheerful and pale, coastal green as well as decor.  Initially the shade Florida Keys was sold under another name, but under that name, for some reason its marketability was lacking. It was initially lazily named Seafoam, but when I really dug deep I realized where my personal inspiration came from. One of Florida’s most charming cities. The Florida Keys. We discontinued seafoam and rebranded it as Florida Keys. Today, it is our most popular green. 

    In color psychology, green is associated with balance and harmony. It is known for it's ability to relax and refresh, much like our experience in nature. In color therapy it is said to aid in the relief of anxiety and nervousness. It seemed only logical to ensure this refreshing shade made our initial line up. 

    Turquoise. The color that sets my soul on fire. The one color that overflows my wardrobe. The color that I can't imagine life without. 

    It's a mermaid's tail, it's a mermaid's home, and surely even a mermaid's mane is made of shades of turquoise. 

    To satisfy my forever thirst of all things turquoise, I welcomed Mermaid Mist to the line up. I not only surrounded myself in this shade, I found myself surrounding my customers with it too and they certainly didn't seem to mind. Mermaid Mist quickly became a seacult favorite as well. 

    In color psychology, turquoise is preferred by those that are seeking emotional balance and clarity of mind. It certainly explains why I feel my absolute best when I am surrounded by turquoise. 

    In 2017, we modified the pigment of the original mermaid mist to coincide with my absolute favorite shade of turquoise thinking that I had created the last of the 5 shades and that there was no room for more. I have never been so thrilled to have been so wrong. 


    To be continued.

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    I totally get colors influence your mood. My daughter has all types of ailments due to a rare disorder and I have looked up everything in under the sun to help her feel better. I thank you for your products. One thing I wonder though is if y’all could put descriptions of what the colors are like under pictures on your website. I know it shows the color but products always look different from what’s shown on a computer screen. Or send out color charts with orders. Or sell them for $2.99?


    Jess, I wanted to thank you for everything that you do and for the love of your paint and all the people that follow you.
    On December 20, 2018, I had a severe pancreatic necrosis attack where 80% of my pancreas died. I was laying on my bathroom floor with my new puppy who was only 12 weeks old waiting for the ambulance to come to my house.
    Shortly before that I started following you and had purchased a few paints. One week before the attack I had given my notice at my job at Festival foods as a bookkeeper so that I could spend 100% crafting.
    I was in the hospital 28 days my first time, on a feeding tube and numerous other input lines for almost the whole time. I continued to push myself and walk every day dragging everything with me wanting to get out as soon as I could. I was told I could be in there for a few months at least. I wanted to prove them wrong and I did.
    Following your Facebook pages and all the comments, and all the projects people were doing with your paints helped inspired me to get better so that I too could be out there crafting! You have no idea how much this helped me get better faster. The doctors were impressed with my recovery.
    After being home a couple weeks I developed a pseudo cyst that was about 7“ x 4 1/2“ in my stomach area. I ended up back in the hospital for another two weeks. Again, I continue to follow your pages To help me get through this day.
    As the one-year date approaches in a little more than a month, I’m having a little anxiety over everything but I am pushing myself to create an all of my crafting and of course following all of your pages to help me through this. Today I am very fortunate to be leading a normal life, probably healthier than a lot of other people walking around today. I am still at home full-time and loving what I do.
    I’m sure you really have no idea how much of an impact you’re making on everyone’s lives! You and Jose are two of the most loving and giving people that I’ve never met in person. Please continue to do what you do and thank you so much for sharing your lives with us all.

    Dawn Rabl

    Your products come highly recommended. I am a bit confused as to what “package” I should be purchasing. I have small night stands and a small dresser that I am looking to recreate with the use of your pants. What would you suggest?


    I love this story. I suffer from depression and anxiety, you have know idea how much your paints and stories have done for me. Thank you Jess

    Linda Beasley

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