SeaPaint Coverage - it must be magic

    SeaPaint Coverage - it must be magic

    So just how far does SeaPaint go?

    Being that I've been using SeaPaint for years, I'm fully aware of its impressive coverage. What I wasn't anticipating was just HOW impressive. It wasn't enough to "know" it's better. I needed to know the math. HOW much better is it really? 

    The leading brands across the board cover 150 sq ft or less with 32 ounces of paint. 

    Except SeaPaint. 

    Using 2 ounces of SeaPaint, I decided it was time to do a little math. 

    I gathered my measuring tools, my mermaid paint brush, and what I thought was a really large board. 

    Notice how big of a dent this whole board put in the magical nectar that we call SeaPaint? I was less than thrilled with this though. I started to worry that I may need to start just painting the walls to complete my calculation. 

    Realizing I had a cabinet door in my studio, I quickly coated it with Navy Sailor too. A dent was almost noticeable at this point. At this rate though, I would have to paint my bathroom cabinets to finish what would most likely be the most important math problem of my life. 

    Having come this far, I wasn't about to stop now. The curiosity was too great and quite frankly the #seacult deserved to know. With my brush in hand, I moved onto the bedroom. I spotted a lingerie chest. Perfect. That should do it. 

    I started painting one side. Then the other side. The chest was nearly covered by the time I reached the bottom of my measly two ounces. 

    With only 2 ounces of SeaPaint I had painted 23 sq ft. The leading brands didn't even cover 10. I must have redid the math 13 times.  When it finally hit me, just how magical SeaSpell SeaPaint really is, I started shaking. Then crying. Ridiculous right? My whole body was shaking as I realized that I had without a doubt,  created the most magical paint on earth. The joy was overwhelming, but suddenly I couldn't stop laughing. I must have been the quintessential mad scientist at that point. 

    The funny thing is you see, they said I was obsessed and likely crazy.

    They said SeaPaint was nothing special, just another chalky paint on the market. 

    They said I was nothing special too, but they were wrong. 

    Mermaids are special indeed and mermaids use SeaPaint. 



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    I love how versatile & magic Seaspell seapaint is! I’m a 2 year addict & still feeding my addiction!! I can paint anything that doesn’t move! I love how seaspell is nontoxic & not harmful. I can go on & on about seaspell!!

    Laura Larkin

    This is so amazing, I can’t wait to order more paint!


    I love your paints! Thank you!!!!

    Stephenie Reed

    Now thats good coverage. I so can’t wait to try this paint…I love that you have some beautiful colors that will do farmhouse style signs and furniture.

    Janet Nelson

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