Refinishing Furniture Is Easier Than You Think

If you have an hour and some SeaPaint, you can accomplish way more than you think. Here's what you'll need. This kit is enough to do at least two nightstands.
Be sure to use the left over product to make yourself matching decor 

First Step. Clean the item you want to paint with a little bit of alcohol and a rag.


Skip sanding unless the piece is significantly damaged.

Brush on a thin coat of this instead using a soft brush


Let this coat dry for 5 minutes


Next, brush on a coat of our warm gray.

Long smooth strokes are best.

Remember to work WITH the lines of the piece. 

Move your brush in the along the shape of the piece in smooth long strokes.



Light Pressure. Don't Push.

Hit it and quit it. Don't overwork the paint.

Trust The Process



Let this coat dry 5 minutes before brushing on Weathered White.

Weathered White is the perfect antique white.

Not too light. Not too bright. Just right. 


For this piece, I simply used it to give the drawer some added character.

To get the worn look, I brushed on the Weathered White shade over Manatee 

Once dry, I used a Weathering Sponge to rub the painted surface.


Pro Tip:

You can use a rag with a little bit of Windex to get the same look with zero dust


Once dry, use a clean damp brush to brush on a coat or two of our clear topcoat called SeaGlass.

Allow your painted items to dry for an hour before using them in your home