Unfortunately, I didn't record the first steps, so I'll explain them a little better here. To watch the video of how to distress without the mess, watch the video below.
Step 1.
Clean your thrifty find or the item you want to paint.
I usually use alcohol to kill the little germies and the grease.
Step 2.
Use a soft brush like the seacult brush to brush on the shades you want to SHOW THROUGH the white. 
For this piece I did sporadic strokes of gray and some green in random places and even left some of the wood its original stain color.
Let that dry for 5 minutes.
Step 3.
I brushed on Weathered White over the entire piece. (if you want a really rustic and weathered look, use WhiteWash Secret instead. 
Let dry 5 minutes.
With a soft cloth, sprits a few sprays of Windex on your cloth and rub over the areas you wish to distress. 
To protect your piece you can brush on a coat of SeaGlass Topcoat, but I skipped that part because I'm a lazy fish.

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