How To Cover Up Your Popcorn Ceiling Without Removing It First

Popcorn ceiling removal can be messy and time consuming.
Heres a quick solution if you have a saw and a nail gun. 
Make sure you have enough Salty Secret to cover your square footage.
1 8oz bottle will cover approximately 200 square feet as a stain like this. 
We used less than 2 bottles for this project.
We used the lush brush for this project which worked well but can use the seacult brush if you prefer.
Mix a 50/50 ratio of water with your Salty Secret and simply brush on using long smooth strokes. it dries in about 60 seconds when using this technique so can assembly your new ceiling fairy quickly. 
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  • What about popcorn ceilings? Would like something that shines and sparkles in the sun, but not overboard


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