Octopus toilet paper holder bathroom fixture painted with SeaPaint

    Beach House Decor Idea: Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Upcycle with SeaPaint

    I love the idea of using a custom toilet paper holder to add a touch of the ocean to the bathroom!

    The best part about this eight arms easy project is is that it can be done in under 10 minutes, all you need is:

    - Toilet Paper Holder (we got this octopus from Amazon)

    Octopus toilet paper holder fixture before SeaPaint

    - SeaPaint (or other paints)



    A stack of different SeaPaint paint colors and shades



    -Paint Brush(es)



    Three SeaPaints mermaid tail craft brushes



    - SeaGlass topcoat (to seal and protect)

    Two SeaGlass containers at the beach


    Now that you have all you need on a flat surface that will get messy (that's the fun part!), it's time to get started!

    Step one: clean with alcohol

    Step Two: using the first SeaPaint color chosen, paint the octopus toilet paper holder. Wait until dry (this won't take long, I promise) 

    Step Three: using the second SeaPaint color chosen, paint the octopus toilet paper holder. Wait until dry and repeat the process using many SeaPaint colors as you like.

    Make sure to use a light touch when applying the paint to make it look beautiful and give dimension.

    Step Four: once all of the paint is dry, use a baby wipe to remove extra paint and given it a weathered look.

    Step Five: apply 2 coats of Matte SeaGlass by brushing on lightly over top after each coat dries for a longer lasting result.


    Octupus toilet paper holder fixture after being upcycled with SeaPaints


    Replace your old toilet paper holder and enjoy the compliments!

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and remember if ya ain't painting ya ain't living! 🧜‍♀️

    If you tried this or any other project, we would love to see the outcome! Share a picture and tag us!


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