Hi. This is Jess Sea and I have some bad news.

    1. We are closed to the public after tonight until 2024, but if you follow SEAPAINTS on the patreon app, you can still order.


    2. I won't be returning to Facebook. Not any time soon.

    You see, I've painted more in the last two weeks thank I have the last two months. 

    I've organized my home and created several cozy reading corners. 

    I've streamlined my kitchen so that cooking is almost fun again. Almost. 

    I've laughed with family and friends more in the last two weeks than I have the last two months. 

    All of these things are leading me to realize, Facebook is not good for me. But the way I've been spending my time

    I feel so at peace. I can't even explain it. 

    The only downside is missing some of my favorite humans there. You included. 

    I've decided to start using the patreon app instead of Facebook.

    (all of our christmas specials sold out on there, in case you've been wpndering where our limited shades went. They are sold on the patreon app and usually sell out there leaving us no chance to offer them to the general public. Feel free to install the patreon app on your phone and join me there. I monitor my account personally and interact almost daily with customers there instead. You can find me on there as SeaPaints.

    You get a 33% OFF COUPON for following us there. PLUS -

    1. Paint tips

    2. Upcycle ideas

    3. organization tips

    4. exclusive Jess Sea videos (ideas, stories, and more)

    5. How to videos

    6. Behind the scenes

    7. Exclusive paint shades

    8. First dibs on new products and sales

    9. Marketing tips (for your business)

    10. Meet our loving community of customers

    11. Random giveways and prizes

    12. Access to shimmer shades

    13. Get notifications on time


    As you can see, there's a lot going on over on the patreon app. I hope to see you over there. Tell everyone on Facebook I said hello. :)

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