Introducing SeaPaint

      SeaPaint is a one-of-a-kind paint line developed to be the ultimate fumeless, non-toxic, easy-to-use, multi-purpose indoor and outdoor craft paint. In addition to the unique formula, SeaPaint stands out for its unique range of colors, each inspired by the ocean and other aspects of nature. A dreamy combination of shades of blue, soothing neutrals, and pops of brilliant brights, the SeaPaint palette range is always expanding, with new shades added monthly to meet your seasonal needs!

      Formulated by Jess Sea, SeaPaints are so much more than your average craft paint. Made from ocean-derived minerals, SeaPaints are the crafty “edge” you’ve been searching for. 


      Features of the SeaPaint formula


      Water Based



       Quick dry–(5 minutes or less) 

      • Compatible with any surface
      • Multi-purpose
      • Matte finish
      • Easy to layer
      • No prep 
      •   No sanding 
      •   No priming 
      •   Easy to blend 
      •   Easy to distress 
      •     Easy to seal
      •              High coverage 
      • Covers 5x more surface area than acrylic paint, 8x more than latex, and 3x more than chalk paints 


      Basic SeaPaint Instructions

      Using SeaPaint is super easy, and a great option for beginners and experienced crafters alike. Follow these simple instructions to create a smooth, opaque painted surface:

      • Start with a clean, dry surface.
      • Shake your SeaPaint well–. separation is natural!
      • Use a dry soft-bristle brush like the SeaCult Brush to apply a coat of paint to your project.
      • Allow the first coat to dry for at least 5 minutes, then apply the second coat.
      • Allow the second coat to dry for at least 5 minutes.
      • Buff smooth by lightly using the Weathering Sponge across the painted surfaces or apply more pressure and use the sponge to create a worn, distressed look.
      • Seal with SeaGlass protective topcoat for a longer-lasting finish.


      The All In One Solution - (The Secrets)

      Don’t let the word ‘paint’ fool you, SeaPaint’s all in one solution, isn’t your average paint–you can use it to stain and glaze, too! All you need is water to transform your formula in to the most favorite stain you’ve ever used. Same thing goes for glaze too. 

      Depending on how you use SeaPaint’s All In One Solution (the secrets), it can become an opaque full-coverage paint, a stain for wood projects, or a semi-sheer glaze.


      Benefits of the All In One Solution: 


      • Water-based
      • Non-toxic
      • Fume-free
      •  Versatile -paint•stain•glaze in one
      • Quick dry–(90 seconds or less) 
      • Compatible with any surface
      • Multi-purpose
      • Matte finish
      • Extremely easy to layer
      • No prep 
      •  No sanding 
      •  No priming 
      •  Easy to blend 
      •  Easy to distress (extremely easy)
      •  Easy to seal
      •  High coverage 
      • Covers 5x more surface area than acrylic paint, 8x more than latex


      Layer your colors with ease add highlights, antiqued touches, and any other faux finish your creative mind can dream up.


      How To Use The All In One Solution 


      As A Stain

      SeaPaint almost feels like magic when you start to experiment with the many ways it can be used. Staining with SeaPaint is one of the most exciting options since you can stain wood projects with unique shades you wouldn’t normally find in a hardware store.


      Here’s how to stain with SeaPaint’s All In One Solution:

      Start with a clean, dry surface.

      • Shake your Solution well–separation is natural!
      • Use a damp soft-bristle brush like the SeaCult Brush to apply a coat of paint to your project.
      • Apply a second coat using the same method. (Wait 90 seconds)
      • You can layer the shades if desired to create your own unique color
      • Seal with SeaGlass protective topcoat for a longer-lasting finish.


      As A Glaze

      The average chalk or mineral paint can feel quite heavy, but not SeaPaint’s All In One Solution. It can be used as a glaze too! By using a slightly damp brush and a light hand to apply, you can create a softly glazed finish on virtually any painted surface.


      Looking for an answer to a question about SeaPaint we didn’t answer above? Here are some of the most common questions we get from our customers:

      Do I need to sand before using SeaPaint?

      Nope! SeaPaint requires no preparation other than cleaning the surface of your project.

      Do I need to prime before using SeaPaint?

      No! SeaPaint can be applied directly to any surface and adheres beautifully to wood, metal, plastic, and more!

      Is SeaPaint a matte or glossy finish?

      The SeaPaint formula dries matte, but you can make it appear luminous or glossy with our SeaGlass Topcoats.

      Does SeaPaint need to be sealed?

      Not necessarily. SeaPaint doesn’t need to be sealed, but we do recommend sealing projects that will be kept outside or handled frequently. 

      If your painting surfaces that come in to contact with moisture or water at all, seal those. 

       SeaGlass is our water based, protective top coat and works beautifully with SeaPaint to keep your projects looking beautiful for years to come.

      Can I make SeaPaint glossy?

      Yes! SeaGlass, our protective topcoat, comes in matte, satin, and gloss finishes so you can customize the look of your project.

      Where is SeaPaint made?

      All of our products are formulated and manufactured in the USA and our offices are located in Indialantic, Florida.

      When will I get my order?

      Orders are processed within 5 business days. Please note that SeaPaints operates on a 4-day week schedule, and our business days are Monday through Thursday.

      Where do you ship?

      SeaPaints can ship anywhere in the U.S. for FREE, and to Canada for a flat fee of $13.

      Do you have tutorials for your products?

      Yes! We share tons of tutorials and inspiration on our website as well as within our community on social media. 

      Find us online to really enjoy all that SeaPaint has to offer. 



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