Collection: Weathered Beachy Furniture

    How to video 



    First step is brush on a light coat of weathered gray. Use a soft bristled brush (like the SeaCult brush)

    This will make it easier to rub the original finish back through to create that softly worn and weathered look

    Let the coat of weathered gray dry for 5 minutes.

    Next, brush on a coat of Weathered White.

    Let dry for five minutes
    (optionally you can do two coats if you don’t want it to be that weathered but I like to do one so that it’s easier to rub through the existing finishes that are already there.

    Let this dry for five minutes. It will be dry within 5 minutes.

    Next, you’re going to rub various areas of your project with the weathering sponge.

    This process is going to pull all the shades underneath back through for a softly worn and weathered finish. (I tend to concentrate on the raised edges for more realistic, weather look, but you can do it however, you please.)

    Next, wipe or vacuum off the dust

    Next, you’re going to use a soft, damp brush to brush on the colorful touches.
    Use a little cup of water to refresh the dampness of your brush from time to time

    If you get a heavy handed, simply just use a baby wipe to wipe off the excess in those areas

    You’re going to let this dry for two minutes and it also will be dry and actually will probably dry faster than this but let’s just say two minutes.

    Next, you’re going to rub the colorful areas lightly with the weathering sponge to create a colorful and softly worn and weathered finish,

    As an optional next step, you can choose to seal to protect the finish. If it’s going to be highly used surface like furniture or counters or anything like that, it’s best to use a coat of Seaglass, which is our water-based protective topcoat and sealer

    If you have any questions use the purple chat button on the SeaPaint website