The Crazy Crafter

The Crazy Crafter

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Once upon a time there was a little mermaid frantically prepping for the strongest hurricane in her lifetime. Being a Friday she let everyone know that she would return to work related activities on Monday once the storm passed. One fearless, entitled crazy crafter demanded she be addressed during the storm itself. Alarmed at the lack of compassion while her family was literally going through a natural disaster, the little mermaid suspended the customers purchasing privileges. There ensued several months of harassment which has resulted in this Crazy Crafter kit!

P.S.  The harassment and stalking continue to this day..... 

FIVE (5) 4-oz jars of SeaSpell SeaPaint 

Two (2) 2-oz bottles of SeaGlaze Secrets

ONE (1) Free Mini Mermaid Brush 

(Random brush color)

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