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Jess Sea Book Set - Book 1 & 2 Past the Break & The SeaCult

Jess Sea Book Set - Book 1 & 2 Past the Break & The SeaCult

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Growing up, I found myself in trouble often.
Not on purpose you see.
I suppose it was mainly the unmedicated adhd.
I grew up fast and landed my first job at 15. 
You may know them by their catchy slogan. 
Eat more chicken. 
I did eat a fuckton of chicken in my 3 years there. 
Probably too much chicken. 
By the time I was thrown in to my twenties, my boss had already made me a mother and a confused one at that.  
By 23 I was a single mother with a ship load of mental chaos .

By 30, I woke up and irresponsibly quit my technology based career to randomly open a small store by the sea. Crazy right? It was. I promise.
I had no money, no business degree, and apparently no concerns about the future. What I did have, was several mental illnesses, a problem with champagne, a boat load of determination, and a life long dream of living by the sea. 

What I ended up with, was beyond my wildest dreams. 

This is my story. Hi. I’m JessSea. 

book 3 released in 2023 

Includes Free SeaCult Brush




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