SeaPaints & SeaGlazes

SeaSpell SeaPaint is a no prep Sea Mineral Paint 
SAFTEY- Zero VOC, non toxic, water based 

FINISH- Soft, matte, and incredibly smooth 

EASE OF USE- Sands easily to reveal a soft, worn look. Easily blend away mistakes and imperfections such as drips, hair, fingerprints, and more. It's unique design is perfect for both beginners and experts to yield professional looks. 

COVERAGE- Typically only one coat is required.69 sq ft coverage per 6oz jar. 

EFFICIENCY- Dries within 10 minutes 

SeaSpell SeaPaint & SeaGlaze Basic Instructions

1. Clean surface 
2. Shake SeaSpell well
3. Paint on
4. Let dry. 20 minutes or less
5. Apply 2nd coat if desired
6. Once dry, blend smooth with washable 220 paper
7. If finished, seal with a waterbased poly or wax
8. If a faux finish is desired please visit our Facebook group Treasures by the Sea Paints 

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Please Note:  SeaPaint provides nearly double the coverage of traditional "chalky" paints. One 6 ounce jar can cover 69 sq ft.

To get started:

1. Choose a SeaSpell SeaPaint 
2. 2. Choose a magically versatile SeaGlaze Secret product(optional)
3.Choose Sea Seal,PolySeal, or Shimmering SeaGlass to seal your paint and protect its finish.