Our Story

The story of
"The Other Mermaid"
Once upon a time there was a little mermaid who was removed from the sea and forced to grow legs. Deeply saddened by her relocation from familiar waters to foreign land, she began to create and surround herself with everything that reminded her so very much of the place she will always call home. Wanting to share her magical home with the world , she began sharing her created treasures with her new two legged friends whom she had grown to love. She eventually grew fond of their land as well , but still longs for home. Today, you can find her treasures by the sea.
That other mermaid is me and these creations and hand picked treasures are a part of my story.
The ocean will always be my home and her peaceful sandy shore will always be my happy place.
Written by- The Other Mermaid
Treasures by the Sea is a collection of my "sea inspired" designs, decor, jewelry, and apparel.

In addition to our handmade collection, we also offer a wide variety of blank supplies to both mermaids and other crafty artist like myself so that they too can fulfill their dreams doing what they love.