DIY Beehive Using Seapaints

If you have some rope and a hot glue gun and a random ass flower pot, then you can probably create this
DIY Bee Hive
You can use just about any paint but Seapaints never let me down and they dry in as little as seconds.
With their nearly odorless and extremely versatile formula, they make the perfect craft paint. Call me impatient if need be, but that's more my speed.  
Anyhow, let's move on. To the hive. Bzzzzzz
You'll need the following items to achieve this look:
hyper tough 3/8" twine (rope)
a plastic flower pot (metal works too)
bee appliques (please don't use real bees)
hot glue gun (little f*cker's hot- watch out)
Manta Ray and Sunny Secret SeaPaint shades
Let's get started!
First you'll place the flower pot open side down.
Then take the twine and apply it using a hot glue gun in circles all the way until you reach the top of the pot, glueing as you go.
To create the opening of the beehive you'll need to take about 3-4 inches of the twine, create a circle and hot glue the two ends together.
Allow the circle to dry then use hot glue to adhere the circle to the pot. (Side note: if you find that there is parts of the pot peeking through you can use Manta Ray to fill in those spaces.)
Once the glue has dried you can take Manta Ray and fill in the inside of the circle on the beehive.
If you are wanting to achieve the look of honey dripping from the beehive opening, you can use the hot glue gun to create a drip effect.
Once the glue has dried you can use Sunny Secret to paint those drips. Use a soft brush for best results.
Bee appliques can be glued to the beehive to give a more authentic look and that's it!
We hope you enjoy this easy craft and remember, if you ain't painting you ain't living!