Crafty Beaches- Part 1

In December of 2014, I had just closed my storefront and was displaying my furniture and designs in a small, local vintage shop.
I had also happened to recently of suffered a back injury which made furniture refinishing a little bit harder to do.
To continue bringing in revenue while I healed, I got really into crafting wood signs.
Thanks to SeaPaint I was able to do this from the comfort of my couch. Winning.

Thanks to a recent back injury, sometimes my back would give out on me and I’d end up on the floor slightly paralyzed until the back gods released me from my misery. It was during one of these episodes, that I was sprawled out on the floor lazily flipping through a craft catalog.

A machine caught my eye. A Cricut?

What is this?

A vinyl cutter? For signs? Ok!

Just what I need to up my craft game. In the end it was the features of the Silhouette cameo that won me over. It seemed to offer the most flexibility. 
With my obsession with novelty, pretty sure flexibility is my love language.
I jumped on that opportunity as soon I was able to unglue myself the floor.

$300 was a lot of money to me, but I saw it as a business investment. With the increased efficiency, I could crank out signs in record time, especially using SeaPaint. 
To begin the game upping, I needed to see this baby in action.
Normal people probably googled how to use it or maybe they got buck ass wild and read the instructions. Not me. I joined a Facebook group instead. Or maybe even several Facebook groups? Big small little. I joined them all. Overwhelmed with the crafty chaos, I quickly dwindled down to my favorites, but the initial effort of group joining was fierce.
Before the dwindling began, I was in one of the more “stuffy” groups and noticed that things were just far too serious in that group. I didn't feel like I quite fit in. Looking around the virtual room, everyone was seemingly Susie f*cking homemaker and that just wasn't me.

Within a few weeks, I noticed a rebellious outcry that began in the stuffy group due to the micromanagement from a power hungry admin. Somewhere amongst that outcry, a randommember declared they were starting their own group where even sailor mouthed women would be welcome. Sailor you say? Mermaids can outswear them any day. Count me in.


  • Hi there!
    Do you have 2 separate Facebook pages? I think I’ve been added to Treasures By The Sea.
    Thank you!
    Have a great day!
    Melissa 😊

    Melissa Guezmir
  • I love this. So me. Back pain ,check. Getting cutting machine, check. Well, wishing to make my own group,


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