What in the world is SeaPaint?



The SeaPaint System

What is "SeaPaint?"

SeaPaint is an amazingly versatile full-coverage Sea Mineral paint line. It leaves a super soft matte finish, that dries in 5 minutes or less! 

Painting with SeaPaints is so easy, it is great for any skill level of crafter! 

What are "The Secrets?"

While SeaPaint is amazing in itself, our claim to fame is our Secret formula that dries in a mind blowing 90 seconds.

This Secret formula is an impressive Weather+Stain+Paint+Glaze+Dye all in one. 

Now you can renovate in minutes rather than hours, with fewer supplies.

Welcome to the fun side of crafting! 

What is "SeaGlass?"

Once your project is complete, you will want to seal that baby up! SeaGlass is just the thing! 

Choose from Matte, Satin, & Shimmering shades.

5 minutes and it's dry, so you can get on with your life.

Dive into the mind of Jess Sea...


I love how easy it is to use these products! They have a smooth, creamy finish and come in the most beautiful colors. I also love that they don’t have an odor and are water based, very easy to clean up!

Ashley B.

These amazing paints have helped me tremendously! I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and was unable to paint due to the pain in my hands. With Sea Paints I can paint again! These paints are so easy to work with. I can paint and blend without all the pain! Most chalk paints require prep, sanding, etc- not Sea Paints! These amazing paints have not only been good on my hands but they are good for my soul! Painting is so therapeutic. The best part is the amazing owners, staff, and group members.

Chasity H.

As I begun my journey into the world of SeaPaint, I was quite sceptical of how great it was. After all, I am not an artist. I watched their amazing videos of their projects and wished I could do the same. I decided to finally take the leap and purchased some of the products and although I am not an artist, I am able to create some great projects!
This stuff is simply amazing.

Laura B.

You will love SeaPaints! They are so easy to work with; a little bit goes a long ways, and the possibilities are endless. The SeaGlazes can be used as stain, paint, feather weather and glaze. Also they dry in 2 minutes. It’s unbelievable. These paints and glazes have taken my sign making to a whole new level. Best decision I have ever made!
An event planner who does weddings in our state used to buy her signs from a catalog to hang on the backdrop; now gets them all from me! She just loves my signs and it is all thanks to SeaPaint!

Janine W.

I'm 50 years old, never painted a thing in my life - until SeaPaint. I had looked at other paint lines and was so intimidated. So I just started doing research and everyone was raving about SeaPaint. I was hesitant at first, not knowing all the proper ways to use the products but that's the beauty of SeaPaint. There isn't really a proper way to use them, you just use them and magically you will find your style.

No odor, a rainbow of colors, quick drying, videos for techniques and tips, FREE shipping and an online "support group" of 40,000 bad ass mermaids. Plus, I'm buying local and supporting a small business. It's not like all the other paint companies, but that's my favorite part! I'm unique and I want my paint, and thereby my work to be too!

Bo M.

I was introduced to SeaPaints at a crafter’s convention and had the opportunity to see them in action first-hand. I was totally amazed at the ease of use from the first time I dipped my mermaid brush in their luscious paint. It went on smoothly, dried quickly, and the colors are absolutely amazing. Before I knew it, I had transformed a plain board into my first magical SeaPaint sign. In the past year that I have been a member of the SeaCult, the line of available SeaPaints and Secrets has continued to expand with nature-inspired colors from the sea and sky. The line of available paints range from warm neutrals of the earth, the glowing skies at sunset, and the turbulent seas of an incoming storm. To try SeaPaint once is to fall in love, both with the products and their fantastic customer service. 

Priscilla B.

I had always used acrylic paints for my projects. They always seemed to take forever to dry before I could move onto the next step and complete a project. I happened onto SeaPaints one day and everyone was raving. After reading comments and checking out the group, I bought a beginners kit and never looked back. The colors are amazingly beautiful, the coverage of the paint is phenomenal, and just a little goes a very long way. SeaPaint allows you to create unique, amazingly beautiful creations. Between the awesome customer service, the paints, tutorials, and live help that's available, I will never use anything else again!

Michelle S.

 As an avid crafter, artist and furniture upcycler, I have tried almost every paint on the market. After trying SeaPaint, I don't want to use anything else! Coverage is amazing, the color choices are beautiful and it gives a smooth, gorgeous finish! I am also in love with the SeaGlaze Secrets, which can be used as a stain or used lightly (feather weathered) to add depth to your painted surface. 

So many amazing products from this company. It is definitely a game changer for anyone who loves to paint!

April H.

This paint has changed my life! After trying endless amounts of chalk paint, spray paints and acrylics, I tried SeaPaints on a whim. I am so glad that I did, because I will never use anything else ever again. The possibilities with this paint are endless and once you try it, you too will be hooked. The staff and Jess Sea are amazing and customer service is absolutely spot on. If you are looking for the perfect paint, look no further. 

Kristie B.


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